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Picture Book Celebration


I’m excited to be participating in Nancy Sanders’ Picture Book Celebration this summer! A group of us are going to be reading lots of picture books, blogging about them, and hopefully writing some.  And Nancy (who’s a wonderful author) will be giving us tips along the way. If you’d like to join us, here’s the link to Nancy’s — blog post .


April Platform Challenge

Robert Lee Brewer is hosting a month-long challenge to help folks (lots of them writers) build their platforms.  I’m trying out the challenges. Don’t know if I’ll do everything he suggests, but he’s being very helpful.  If you’re feeling in need of some platform building assistance, you might want to check out his blog.

Best wishes to you!

Writing for Children’s Magazines — A new ezine

I just started a new adventure–I’ve launched an ezine!  Writing for Children’s Magazines is for authors who do exactly that.  Hopefully it’ll be a great resource.  In addition to an article each month and an overview of a recent issue of a magazine, the site includes links to children’s magazines and to their submission guidelines if they’re available online. 

Please check it out and let me know what you think. 

Thanks, Ev

Hello world!

Thanks for stopping by.  This is where someday I might blog.  In the meantime it’s just a friendly place where I can invite you to visit my website

Have a happy day!